Take Ownership of Your Outcomes

August 6, 2020

It’s pointless, unnecessary, and unproductive to make others wrong, simply because they’re different from us, or we’re not getting the outcomes and experience we desire.

Personal responsibility, friends.⁣
You’re a part of the equation too.

We don’t have to agree with others, and we certainly don’t have to tolerate anything that doesn’t feel good, healthy, or aligned. But we don’t get to make another person’s experience, way of being, or truth wrong simply because we want things to be some other way than they are.

You need things a specific way because you’re some personality type, astrological sign, or whatever else? The other person is some combination of those things too. And a different one at that, which means maybe they have different needs, styles, preferences, or abilities than you.

You get triggered because of your past traumas, core wounding, attachments styles, or fears? Other people have their traumas, core wounds, attachments styles, and fears, as well as other things you may know nothing about and could be triggering them around too.

You have a way of relating, living, loving, working, or communicating that feels better for your heart? Other people have their way of doing these things too, and maybe their way is better for them in ways you can’t fully comprehend because you’re a different person.

There’s no one “right” way to be.

No one “right” way to communicate.⁣
No one “right” way to relate or work or live.
No one “right” way to experience any aspect of this world.

And it’s wildly unproductive to blame others because you’re not getting, feeling, doing, or being what you want. Maybe they’re not the right person, it’s not the right opportunity, or the experience isn’t ideal, but it’s on you to name that for yourself and create what you need… WITHOUT making anything and everything that’s different wrong.


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