You Already Did The Hard Work

August 10, 2020

You made the big decision, took the first step (or five), and finally started moving yourself towards the life you desire to have.

When we do this, things start to get better for a while. We feel energized and excited, directed and on-point, and we’re starting to get traction.

But then your past starts calling again… creeping up from deep within when you least expect it. The old ways of being. Remnants of your old life. People you released. The old you and all the fears, traumas, and wounding that come with her.

It’s tempting to think it’d be easier or better if you went backwards. And while nobody else can decide what’s right for you, I want to remind you that you ALREADY did the hardest work.

You decided. You moved. You committed to change.

Yes, I know it’s scary when you don’t know what lies ahead… but familiarity and comfort don’t make for the best companions when we’re working to transform ourselves and our lives. Trust the process, and you WILL get to the other side.


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