Telling the Truth

August 29, 2018

Back in 2014, I chose “truth” as my word for the year.

I remember constantly repeating “truth, truth, truth” to myself as I found the courage to say the things that needed to be said. I spoke up in my professional life and created amazing opportunities. I began eliminating things that weren’t serving my highest good. I spoke up in my relationships and began unraveling pieces of myself that had been tucked away and lost for years.

That was also the year that almost taught me telling the truth was unsafe. Because I told the truth and someone died two days later. I told the truth and there was irreparable damage to more lives than one. I told the truth and so much about me, my life, and my business began crumbling to the ground around me. I told the truth and I lost everything.

But… I didn’t stop telling the truth, despite it feeling unsafe.
Over the years that followed, I actually chose to get even more honest.

I started writing openly about my loss and my healing.
I showed up more fully with the people around me.
I let go of caring what other people thought, clients included.
I got brutally honest with my friends, my family, and the men I dated.
I kept dropping more deeply into my truth and committing more fully to showing up as who I truly am in all the ways that matter.

And every single time I do it, it scares the sh*t out of me… because when life shows you that you can lose everything and people can die in the aftermath of you telling the truth, doing so feels like an enormous risk.

Telling the truth is terrifying.

It’s broken my heart in more ways than one.
It’s caused more losses than I can count.
It’s created more challenges than I can name.
It’s not without consequences or complications.

But it’s given so much more than it’s taken.

To me. To others. To the world.

It’s broken my heart open to new ways of living, loving, and creating. It’s deepened the relationships that are meant to stay and it’s eliminated the ones that aren’t. It’s helped me step up and create more in my business so that I can better serve the people I’m here to serve.

Telling the truth is hard, and it’s not about being inconsiderate. It’s about being real, honest, and transparent. Even though the truth can hurt, it also builds trust. Because even if you don’t like what I’m saying, you can feel safe in knowing there’s nothing else hiding below the surface. It’s all on the table.

Telling the truth requires a level of honesty with yourself. An ability to look at your own patterns, fears, blocks, and beliefs… so that you can tell the truth in a CLEAN way. Without projection, blame, or bypassing. Without putting the responsibility on someone or something outside yourself.

Telling the truth is everything to uncovering the purpose of your path, who you’re here to be, and the work you’re here to do. It’s essential.

So tell me, where do you need to be more honest with yourself and others?

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Hugs and love, xo

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