Give Yourself the Gift of Feeling

January 4, 2021

You don’t need someone to take the pain away.

You need to feel the pain, so it goes away on its own.

Pain demands to be acknowledged and honored, not dismissed or ignored. Yes, you can try and ignore it. But pain is sneaky. It knows how to get your attention. And if you do manage to ignore it, it will only find ways to get louder, showing up in ways you least expect.

It can hide somewhere in your body.
It can diminish your spirit, passion, and energy.
It can come back and haunt you in your dreams.

Feeling the pain buried inside isn’t an easy task. That’s why so many people ignore it for as long as possible, stuffing it down with food, relationships, substances, or worse.

Yes, it may hurt to feel your feelings fully.
But storing the pain inside hurts even more.

Give yourself the gift of feeling.

You’ll cry, and you’ll laugh, and then you’ll cry some more. You’ll forgive and ask for forgiveness. You’ll let go of everything that’s not serving you anymore. And, more importantly, you’ll start a brand new chapter, forever changed and shaped by what you’ve walked through.

Trust the process.

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