Truth Creates Rapid Growth and Healing

January 6, 2021

Truth has never done anything but set me free and allow rapid growth and healing.

Sure, it hurts at times.⁣
It’s not always easy to digest.⁣
It’s broken my heart in more ways than one.

But it’s given me everything I need to become who I want to be in the world. To do my work and impact lives across the globe.

I see so many people afraid of truth. So much so, they can’t even admit the truth of things to themselves when they most need to. They delude themselves with stories that explain or justify why they can never seem to make change happen, why they can never break free from the things that have been holding them hostage for years.

You can’t grow if you’re unwilling to face the truth about yourself. If you’re unable to receive what the world is reflecting back to you with an open mind and a willingness to discern what you need to learn. We’re often so terrified of what will get triggered inside our heads, the lies that say we’re wrong or bad, not enough of something, or unlovable.

None of that is true.

They’re all just stories designed to keep us “safe” by keeping us small. And as hard as it can be to stomach at times, truth is life and freedom.

What truth haven’t you been able to face?⁣
Where are you hiding from yourself to stay safe?⁣
What growth are you limiting out of fear?

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