The Pains of Being “Well Balanced”

August 29, 2010

When I say well-balanced, I’m talking about balance between the right and left brain, creative and logical (in my case, business) thinking. Throughout my entire life I’ve always scored close to dead even between the two. Personality and career profiling tests in high school showed both business and art as my top, equal fits. And in all honesty, those tests were absolutely correct for who I am and the things that I want to accomplish. My mission statement alone makes that incredibly clear!

At times, this balance can create tension inside of me. I find myself engulfed in my business project StartupCorner, and suddenly, I’m longing to create art, write poetry and make beautiful things. It’s not that I want to take time off from StartupCorner or my design business, it’s just a nagging feeling I get if I spend too much time away from one or the other.

Awhile back, in an attempt to remedy those feelings of tension, I came up with my daily creativity project. The idea was to do something creative every day. To stretch my creative muscles, try something new or just spill a little bit of beauty onto a blank canvas. This was a fabulous approach when I began because I was so creatively constipated that I really couldn’t do much beyond a quick doodle or random sketch. Now, I am bubbling over with passion and creative juices thanks to working on StartupCorner and taking the time to focus on what matters most to me.

Among the many seeds planted in my idea book, there are plenty of art pieces, collections, crafty things and writing projects that I long to bring to life! I have a pile of wooden picture frames and a briefcase from Goodwill, all waiting to become the beautiful, upcycled goodies I envisioned when I found them. They sit on top of a plastic bin full of bits and pieces, found objects and random scraps. I have nine pages to a book sitting on my hard drive and a number of poems that are patiently waiting to be edited and placed in a poetry book. A poetry book I’ve dreamed of completing since my school days, when most of the contents were written.

Putting my energy and efforts into StartupCorner has brought me so much joy and has awakened my soul. Imagine how I would feel if I took a little time to balance that out through nurturing my creative side? If I took the small amount of time that I invest in a random doodle or sketch and put it towards my art? Eventually, I would actually complete a project!

In an effort to live a well-balanced life without tension, I’m planning to do just that. Instead of the random, although cute and sometimes funny, doodles and drawings on my daily creativity blog, I’m going to begin dedicating 15 to 30-minutes each day towards one of my creative projects.

Where can you find a small amount of time that can be put towards your dreams and goals?

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