The Power of Solo Travel

February 20, 2019

I get messages asking if I travel solo… and the answer is yes, I do and I love it.⁣

I’ve traveled solo across (and out of) the country for events since 2010 when I won a ticket to go to New York and then joined a mastermind with retreats in the US and Mexico… but the first trip I took just for me was to Oregon in the fall of 2012. I flew in from Hawaii, stayed at my first Airbnb with four strangers, and wandered all around the city to find delicious vegan treats and quirky little stores.⁣

In 2016 I took my first solo road trip (if we’re not counting the many solo trips home to New Mexico). I stayed at a hostel in Gunnison, hiked in the back canyon of Crested Butte (and lost my phone by the river), and then drove to the Royal Gorge.⁣

Last night was the second time I drove to the desert alone to sleep in the back of my 4runner in the middle of nowhere without another soul around. I made my first fire, am going on another solo hike, and laughed with new friends in yet another small town bar.⁣

To those of you who “wish you were brave enough”, you are. I promise.⁣

I’m sure that I was nervous the first time I traveled alone, yet I know I’ve managed every obstacle more easily than I thought I would, even if there were tears. I once had a hotel put a huge hold on my bank card on a Friday which left me zero dollars to buy food all weekend. I had to borrow money the whole trip AND missed my flight home because I had no way to check my bag until someone back in Hawaii woke up and could help. I once took a wrong turn and found myself miles down a road that my little front wheel drive car was NOT equipped for with no cell service and barely any space to turn around. I’ve gotten stuck in snow at 4am in the dead of winter up a mountain canyon and have flown into the wrong airport. ⁣

You figure it out or ask for help.⁣
You find new options or alternatives.⁣
You make new friends in unexpected places.⁣
And you learn how capable you are.⁣
How resourceful you can be.⁣

⁣How do you start?⁣
You just go.⁣

Make a plan if you need one, but just go.⁣
You’ll learn so much about yourself.⁣


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