The Container Is as Important as the Work

February 20, 2019

The container matters as much as the work. The environment in which you dive deep, unpack your fears and beliefs, and step into an entirely new way of being. The spaces where you navigate growth and healing, where you weather the waves of grief, terror, and uncertainty that come with it. Who you’re surrounded by, the kinds of conversations you’re having, and the way the space feels… it matters a lot.⁣

Last year someone tried to nudge me forward in my healing. While well intentioned, it wasn’t the right container or timing. It wasn’t the person I should’ve been trying to do that work with. The environment wasn’t right. So rather than help me heal, it simply retraumatized me over and over again.⁣

When we’re healing, especially from abuse or toxic, traumatizing environments, there can be little to no parallels of the experience. Meaning, if you were in an environment where you were gaslit and made wrong for your experience repeatedly, you can not tolerate similar relationships or environments when you’re beginning to heal. Because you won’t be able to find your bearings. You won’t be able to root fully into the present. You have to establish a solid base from which to navigate those experiences first. You have to develop new tolerations, boundaries, beliefs, and ways of engaging.⁣

The container matters as much as the work, because the work is everything important. Being able to feel your feelings, talk about your experience, know that you’re safe and supported, and being able to step fully into what comes next… that’s the work.⁣

Ecology is essential.⁣
It makes all the difference in the world.⁣⁣

Does your environment support your biggest goals and visions? Is it conducive to finding true healing and wholeness? Does it feel safe and supportive, a space you can lean into as you navigate what’s hard and what hurts?⁣

If not, what will you change?⁣


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