Things I Love (November)

November 26, 2021

I love discovering new things.

It’s one reason I’ve always appreciated the internet.

I’m always coming across so many awesome things while doing research and meeting new people, so now I’m sharing my favorite finds with you each month.

Here are some things I love right now that you may too…

Please note, some links may be affiliate links.

The VOTY 100 // I stumbled across this roundup of amazing women creating incredible impact in the world while doing some research for how I want to grow the company. I highly recommend taking the time to check out each woman from each category. Mega inspiring! It’s also a beautifully designed website.

Existential Flexibility // Simon Sinek is such a brilliant mind, and I loved listening to him talk about this concept from his new book. I’ve certainly experienced this!

The Rich Roll Podcast // I’ve been trying to get in more cardio at the gym lately and have finally begun listening to podcasts while I work out. My favorite has been Rich Roll’s podcast because I love him and because he chooses phenomenal guests to have brilliant and insightful conversations. And they’re super in-depth! So they keep me going longer and also cover more than one workout.

The Color Pink Podcast // On that note, I found this podcast while learning more about de-centering men (they have a great episode on it). I really enjoyed their conversations and look forward to listening to more!

The Great Work of Your Life // This is an all-time favorite book on purpose, and because I just started rereading it with a friend, I had to put it on the list.

My Human Design // I’ve learned a lot more about human design and what it means to be a manifesting generator this year. And while I still consider myself an open-minded skeptic on this sort of thing, it’s also been insanely helpful for me to consider as I look at changing my marketing, growing my business, and operating with more ease in my life. This site has an assessment and supporting materials.

The Psoas Muscle // In my physical healing work, I’ve learned a ton about the psoas muscle. I honestly can’t believe (with how many physical therapists, chiropractors, personal trainers, and bodyworkers I’ve seen) that no one ever mentioned this to me! The psoas is considered the soul of our body and holds a tremendous amount of physiological and emotional tension. I’ve been working on relaxing and releasing mine, and it’s been so influential on so many levels. This is a good resource, and this is a great tool to use, but you can also use lacrosse balls to save money!

Write A Strategic Plan // I referenced this comprehensive set of posts last year when creating a plan for 2021. This year ended up being so heavily focused on healing, growth, reorienting, and reconfiguring that so much went differently than expected. But, as I’ve landed in more clarity for the business, I’m excited to start working on a new strategic plan for 2022 and want to share this resource!

K Health // I needed antibiotics this fall, but I didn’t want to have to go to a Doctor’s office. This was my first time using an app to chat with a provider and get a prescription! Super easy and awesome. I’d definitely recommend it.

What to Tweet // As I slowly rejoin the world of social media, I’ve been drawn more to Twitter. I haven’t used it, but I thought this was awesome to have on hand!

Natural Radiant Life // I had to honor of sharing my work with the three amazing founders and their audience earlier this year, and as a thank you, they sent me some of their products! I absolutely love their lotions and the fact that they’re made from real food, and I highly recommend checking them out for gifts this holiday season.

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