Transformation in Suffering

December 20, 2019

I talk a lot about suffering… but that doesn’t mean I believe suffering is the only way to grow. I just know that it’s something we all have to experience at some time… and sometimes, we have to be willing to suffer and struggle for what we want. Sometimes it’s necessary to growth and healing of all kinds.

There’s no beauty in having your life shattered into pieces, and there’s no beauty in pain and heartbreak… yet there’s beauty in the transformation that follows.

When you find yourself fighting through challenging chapters, it’s not because you’re being punished. That’s not how it works. Living this life is a human experience, and sometimes that means awful things happen for no good reason other than they happen. It can be heartbreaking and devastating, I know.

And while life is happening in all the ways it does, we are being shaped. We are growing into who we’re here to be and uncovering the work we’re here to do.

So, when life happens, you get to decide whether the Universe is cruel and chaotic, or if you’re going to choose to assign a different kind of meaning to it.

Maybe you have a new lesson to learn.
Maybe you have to let go of everything you’ve known to be true.
Maybe you have to learn how to surrender and open your heart to the unknown.
Maybe you have to understand trust in yourself and grow your discernment.

You get to decide.

And you get to either stall out or grow because of it.

The choice is yours.

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