Trust Yourself and Make the Choice

July 9, 2017

To know what you truly want, you have to know yourself fully and completely.

To be courageous enough to go after it with your whole heart and soul, you have to trust yourself above anyone and anything else.

To be willing to risk all that’s known, familiar, and comfortable, you have to be brave enough to surrender to life, love, and loss with total trust and faith.

Is it the right thing for you and your life?
You’re the only one who knows.

Is it worth the challenges and risks?
There’s only one way to find out.

Is it going to work out how you want?
There are no promises… only time will tell.

Trust yourself and make the choice.

Take the leap.
Risk your heart.
Get uncomfortable.
Make a mess of things.
Face the possibility of failure.

It’s not just an overused cliche… this life is short. Time passes far too quickly. People can be taken from us at any moment. So be courageous enough to go after what you desire. To put yourself first. To choose what feels right and real and true.

Start today.


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