Why We Keep Doing the Work

July 10, 2017

Sometimes the block or belief is massive and stubborn with roots that run deeper than anything you’ve experienced before. Sometimes it feels like you’re pushing and pulling and poking at cement, so sturdy and heavy that your hands begin to bruise. Sometimes the work is endless and exhausting and you’re convinced nothing will ever change.

Until one day something shifts.

It’s small at first, but it’s there. A tiny fracture in the mass. An opening, a softening, a sense of space. Suddenly something’s different… YOU are different… and the way you feel about the world around you is different.

This is why we keep doing the work.

Why we keep choosing to face into what hurts.

Even when nothing is happening.
Especially when it feels impossible.
And definitely when it’s hard.

Because even though it feels like you’re not making any progress, you are. Slowly and steadily you’re chipping away at the things that need to shift. Big changes are imperceptible until they’re not. Until you notice, ever so slightly, that something’s no longer as it was before.

And then?

You keep doing the work.
Because big, lasting changes take time.
They require persistence and patience.
The willingness to never give up.

Keep choosing it.


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