Truth Is Subjective

December 9, 2019

At one point in my healing journey, I became reckless.
With myself, my life, my business, my body.

I honestly didn’t give a damn about… well, anything. 

All because I let the opinion of someone else… someone I loved… convince me that I was too much. Too intense, too feeling, too driven, too different. So much so, that I was unlovable at my core for everything that made me who I am.

The recklessness was a result of believing the lie someone else told me.

It broke me in ways it took years to come back from. In ways I paid for dearly.

Maybe it was true to him… but that doesn’t make it the TRUTH.

You see, the thing about truth is that it’s subjective and ever evolving. What’s real and true to ME may not be real and true for you. But that doesn’t make it wrong.

Even more confusing at times… what’s real and true for me in this moment, may not be real and true for me in the moments to come. Truth changes as we learn, grow, heal, and move forward. As life continues to shape us.

Don’t let someone else’s truth and perception shape yours.

You will be too much for some, and that’s okay.
It doesn’t meant that YOU are too much.
YOU are perfect.

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