Writing Is Healing

December 11, 2019

I’ve always been sure about one thing in life: writing.

Writing comes easily to me. It’s liberating. Healing. Clarifying. 

But I never thought one day writing would save me.

You see, journaling has always been my safe haven.

I wrote when I was happy. I wrote when I was sad. I wrote when I wasn’t feeling anything at all in the numbness of depression. 

Writing has always been… and will always be… a way for me to process the outer world and make sense of the madness of being a person in this world.

Choosing to write Unravel… getting completely bare, raw, and vulnerable in front of you all… I always knew it would be the final stage of healing for me.

And it was.

Intensely, heartbreakingly, gut-wrenchingly healing.

We learn so much through story. Story is how we learn, grow, heal, and become. It’s how we learn to understand so much about the world.

And that is why I share my story. Because maybe, just maybe… some small aspect of what I walked through will help you on your journey. Just the same as some small aspect of your experience will help someone else.

We’re all in this together.

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