We Are Always Becoming

August 28, 2019

We are always becoming.

There are people who think they know me because they knew me as a child, a teenager, and young adult. Because they watched me grow up at one point or another, or knew me when my interests were something entirely different.

There are people who think they know me because they walked into my life in the months and years after my loss. Because they met me in a place of struggle, grief, PTSD, and confusion. When I was my most lost and broken and beaten down.

There are people who think they know me because we crossed paths in the last year, after my move to the mountains and huge changes in both my life and work. Because they see the woman who wants to spend more time adventuring in nature and enjoying a quiet mountain life.

But the only people who really know me are the ones who meet me anew every day, every moment we share together, and every time we cross paths. Who hold no expectation that I’ll be who I was before, even if that was just a moment ago.

We are always becoming.

More of who we are.⁣
Less of what we’re not.

We are always growing and changing and evolving… we are always learning new things… and we are always, always experiencing more life, more love, and more loss. We are always being shaped.

Give the ones you love the space to become who they’re here to be, doing the work they’re here to do… and give yourself the same. Stop showing up in old roles or ways of being for the sake of someone else’s comfort and make the choice and commitment to keep growing into what comes next.

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