How Do You Love Yourself?

August 29, 2019

I’m not just talking about the ways we love ourselves with self-care practices or nurturing our health and wellness.

I mean…

Do you leave relationships and communities that no longer serve your highest good? That no longer feel loving or deeply aligned and safe?

Do you make the big scary changes and transitions in your life when you know it’s time? Do you start the process of leaving the job that drains your soul or find a way to uproot your life when you no longer love where you reside?

Do you set and hold clear boundaries? Do you speak up when things aren’t okay, rather than tolerating the intolerable for a moment longer than necessary? Do you take up space, regardless of whether or not it fits with what others want and need from you?

Do you do these big, hard, scary things… not out of fear or avoidance… but to honor who you are and who you’re becoming?

What are you no longer willing to tolerate?⁣
Who are you no longer willing to be?⁣
Where are you no longer willing to reside?⁣
What are you no longer willing to do?

It’s hard and scary, I know this so very well. But the more fully I honor and love myself… building a life in full alignment with who I am and who I’m becoming… the better it is for everyone involved. Truly. It keeps things clean and honest, and it keeps me happy, sane, and healthy.

So tell me… how will you love yourself today? ⁣
And not just in the safe, small ways?

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