What Are You Waiting For?

April 9, 2014

There are many reasons why amazing people never live up to their full potential, just the same as there are many reasons why amazing ideas, visions, goals, dreams, businesses, products, services, books, paintings, and songs never see the light of day.

Because there just weren’t enough hours in the day. 
The timing never really lined up perfectly.
They weren’t an “expert” at what they were doing.
It was more important to focus on practical things first.
It would have been selfish for them to follow their passions.
They may not have been able to make good money.

There are a million and one reasons why we think we shouldn’t start now, and our minds are phenomenal at constructing the most believable stories and excuses. But all these stories and excuses do is keep us stuck, passionless, unhappy, and dissatisfied with life. We think we’re playing it safe and protecting ourselves, but we’re doing the worst kind of damage possible by stifling our passions and desires.

Regardless of where you’re at, now is the time to start.

Starting doesn’t have to mean leaving the secure job and uprooting your entire life. It doesn’t have to mean going all in and risking everything. Starting just means taking the first step.

Investing in the class or mentor.
Buying a book.
Writing the first words of your own book.
Buying canvas and paints.
Going for a walk.
Making the call or sending the email.
Sharing your goal with the world.
Starting a blog.
Setting the spare change aside every day.

There will never be a perfect time to start anything worthwhile, especially if it revolves around creating massive shifts in your life, career, or relationships. Change is scary, and when things require you to get uncomfortable, it’s easy to find reasons why you should stay put just a little longer. But I speak from experience when I say that “just a little longer” can quickly become your everyday life and reality.

So today I encourage you to take the first step.

Throw some paint on the canvas without knowing what it will become, write the first words to your novel, invest in the class, book, or mentor, and get the uncomfortableness of starting over with so you can really begin moving forward towards your dreams.

I’m not saying every step after that first one will be easy, but the momentum from starting will carry you much further than the stagnant energy you have right now.

Take out your journal and work through the following:

  1. Ask yourself, “what am I waiting for?”
  2. Make a list of all the “reasons” you can’t move forward right now.
  3. Then come up with three alternatives for each reason that would allow you to begin moving forward today. For example, “I don’t have any experience painting” could become “sign up for the free painting class at the local craft store.”
  4. Do something RIGHT NOW to start moving forward.

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