What I Want to Create in 2018

January 2, 2018

Pantless in a glacial lake on the other side of the world. Sweaty, covered in dirt and dust from the trail, and happy as can be. Feeling inspired to create and writing on the rocks.

When I look at what I want to create for 2018, it’s more of this.

More time in nature. More travel. More new experiences. More creative expression. More growth. More connection. More serving the people I most want to serve, doing the work I feel called to do. More healing. More wholeness. More of what makes me feel happy, alive, and living in full alignment with my purpose.

Today was the first workday of the new year and it was bursting at the seams with almost everything I desire. #ThankYouMorePlease

My word for this year is DEVOTION, and I’ll be sharing more about what it means to me in this week’s vlog. This last year taught me some hard and necessary lessons, and it also gave me the needed tools to start consciously creating what I want in all areas of my life… I can say with total confidence: this year will be unlike any other.

Excited for what comes next. 
For all of us.

We’ve been through a lot these last couple years… and we’re going to go through so much more in the weeks and months and years to come. But I believe these shifts are shaking us awake in all the necessary ways. It’s not easy or pretty or without heartache… but we will be stronger, wiser, and more deeply aligned because of it.

Onward… ❤️

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