When Anger Surfaces

September 21, 2020

During a difficult time, there often comes a moment where you feel a huge amount of anger bubbling just beneath the surface.

You’re angry at life for dealing you a bad hand.
You’re angry at yourself for the choices you’ve made.
You’re angry at the Universe for making the world this way.
You’re angry at the ones who’ve hurt you.

Been there, done those a number of times.

Anger is healthy and important, laced with a special kind of wisdom no other emotions hold. However, if you peek underneath all that anger, you’ll often find it’s really just masking a lot of pain, hurt, and sadness.

Regardless of whether it’s pure anger or the kind that masks a deeper hurt, the anger stage is a good, healthy stage. It means you’re grieving and growing. It means you’re finding the edges of your boundaries and identifying the tolerations that no longer serve you. And it means you’re aware of what, and who, no longer serve you.

If you’re feeling it today, then do this. Grab some pen and paper and write: “I give myself permission to be angry. I’m angry at __.”

Repeat this line as many times as it takes to identify what your anger has to say.


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