Why Working with the Right Mentor Helps You Crush Your Goals!

February 12, 2020

Nothing has sped up my professional development more than working with mentors.

But a seasoned mentor or coach isn’t only going to help you build your business from the ground and develop the right strategy. Ideally, you’re looking for a person who’s ready to show you how to face your fears with confidence and solve any subconscious issues holding you back in life. This is key.

Needless to say, you do need to make sure you’re working with someone who’s the right match for you. But once you do, the sky’s the limit!

Today I want to share all the ways in which working with a mentor can help you crush your goals and find out if that’s exactly what you need in life right now.

They’re going to help you set the right foundation for success.

The mindset change is the hardest part but it needs to be done before anything else. Yes, even before the fancy website and the Instagram photoshoot!  

You can’t – or better said, you won’t – succeed if you’re not ready for it.

Insecurities, negative thought patterns, doubt, fears, poor habits… all of that may seem distant and irrelevant now, but it’s a matter of time when it’s going to come up as a roadblock to success.

An experienced coach can help you navigate this part with ease. They’ll help you get to know yourself and the true motivation behind your business and your actions, so you can be of better service to others!

They’re going to give advice tailored just for you!

“You can learn all of that online,” some will say.

But let’s face it, how much of that advice is relevant specifically for YOU and YOUR business? For your current setting? And even if it were, how much time, money, and energy are you going to waste on it before you find out what works and what doesn’t?

Receiving expert advice given specifically for your business, situation, and interests is priceless. P-R-I-C-E-L-E-S-S!

No two business – not even two ideas! – are alike. Not everyone’s after the same goal. And many things may fall under the one-size-fit-all but trust me, the formula for success isn’t one of them!

They bring out the best in you.

Remember that high school teacher that managed to inspire the whole classroom to read The Great Gatsby?

Well, great mentors work in similar fashion. They bring out the best in you!

Not only are you going to be inspired to take action, it’s going to be the right type of action. You know, the one that’s going to bring you one step closer to a life you’re actually ecstatic about. 

They keep you accountable.

If you’re tired of constantly saying you’re going to do something – but then you never do it! – a business coach and a bit of guidance may be what you need.

Of course, it goes without saying that your mentor can’t do the work for you; however, they’ll be here to track your progress and keep you accountable, even on the bad days.

Having that kind of support system in place is more than enough to make sure you tick goals off your to-do list with confidence!

They help you dust off and keep going after you fall.

Talking about support systems and bad days… to be honest with you, there’s going to be the occasional bad day here and there.

You know, times when you’re going to want to give up on pursuing your passion and go back to living your old life. (Ask me how I know!)

But that’s exactly where a business mentor jumps in to help.  

Hearing a few words of encouragement when you need it the most often makes the difference between quitting and not quitting on your dreams.

Having someone tell you to keep pushing is one thing – but having someone explain why this isn’t the time to give up is completely different!

Nodding with your head here?

Join me on my 12-week program and work side-by-side with me as we hustle together on making your dream life become reality!

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