There Is Wisdom In Our Anger

November 2, 2018

I’ve been angry this year.

When I say that, most people get uncomfortable because we view anger as “bad” or “negative.” We’re afraid of feeling and expressing it.

But anger is a normal, healthy emotion… and there is so much wisdom in our anger. There is so much truth and insight alongside the bones for uncovering our work in the world. Anger shows us what we care about, as well as where our boundaries lie. What is and is not acceptable to us.

I’ve been angry this year, but in a way that is so much bigger than the person or situation that may have sparked it. In a way that is catalyzing. That moves me into action around what’s most important to me.

I see it with my clients and my brilliant friends as well… when they’re mad—and I mean really pissed the eff off—they are most in their genius around the work they’re here to do. They are dropping wisdom and developing work that creates massive shifts in the world in all the ways we need.

I’ve been angry this year. But rather than stuffing it down in favor of “happy”, I’ve been talking about it. I’ve been showing up and using my words and asking questions most people don’t have the answer for… not only because they just don’t know, but because they’re unwilling to go there.

I’ve been quiet the past couple weeks, because in one week I turn 34… and 34 will be unlike any other year I’ve spent on this planet. 34 is the year I bring something to the world that is near and dear to my heart in ways I may never have words for. Something I’ve been sitting on for three years.

The Institute is being birthed from every trauma, every bit of anger and sadness, every abuse, and every moment I fought to choose this life. From every conversation I’ve had with a lost and broken soul. From every place a guru or mentor or healer got it really, really wrong. From every body of work that almost gets it, yet still manages to miss the point in really important ways.

It’s the conversations I don’t feel we’re having enough of… and the work I don’t believe we’re doing enough of.

Every choice I’ve made this year has been in support of bringing this body of work to life… from moving to the mountains… to ending relationships… to how I’ll make money next year… all of it has been in support of what’s most important to me. What I’m most pissed off about.

Next time you feel angry, ask yourself this: what’s the wisdom in my anger? What is it showing me I care about? Where are my boundaries being violated? How can I let this normal, healthy energy catalyze me?

Anger is healthy and normal.
Feel it fully, move it through, let it guide you.

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