What We Do Matters, A Lot

October 24, 2018

“Have you thought about whether or not you’re running away,” he asked as I shared the news about my move.

“A ton, actually.” I replied. “But the more I sat with whether or not this was my avoidant piece, the more I realized how this is allowing me to move towards things that are really important right now.”

There was a moment last summer when I was suddenly aware that every single thing I did or didn’t do mattered.

This has been true my whole life of course, because that’s how life works. What we do and don’t do moves us in one direction or another. But when we finally get clear on what’s actually important to us, we realize the tremendous impact of everything we do.

Since summer I’ve been slowly and intentionally refocusing every aspect of my life and business to support the kind of future I desire. Every. Single. Aspect. Because what I do and don’t do matters… a lot. How I show up, who I surround myself with, the types of conversations I’m having, and the way I’m spending my time matters… a lot. Every moment matters… a lot.

Which is why I love these words from Chani Nicholas… “Use these days like prayers. Like affirmations. Like you are speaking and acting your way into a new chapter of your life.”

Because we are.
Because what we do and don’t do matters.

A lot. 💕

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