Everything is Different Now

October 23, 2018

Last October I felt like I woke up from a long slumber… I had spent so much of 2017 in a state of rest and recover. Honestly, I was just happy to be alive after not swallowing for nine days and struggling to eat for months after. There was nothing beyond that to pull me forward… I was alive and swallowing and that was perfect.

Everything is different now. So many amazing new things are happening. My whole life has changed. I’m so motivated to create what I’m here to create and to do my work on a higher level. To live the life I was born to live. To love more deeply and more fully. I’m taking big actions and leaps of faith. I’m showing up and using my words. I’m opening my eyes to new opportunities and possibilities.

I could not be more amused and delighted by how different my life is compared to a year ago. We really are powerful creators when we set our minds to it. 

I have much to share.
The vlog will be back soon.

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