You Aren’t Here to Fit

May 17, 2017

To the misfit, the rebel, and the odd wo/man out: Just because you’re less typical or always going against the grain doesn’t mean you’re the one that has to conform… nor does it mean you have to bend and fold and meet others when they’re not able to meet you. You do not have to sacrifice yourself, your desires, your hopes, or your visions to fit what makes sense to the majority.

You aren’t here to fit.

You aren’t here to make sense.
You aren’t here to do things like other people.

You’re here to see things differently. To be difficult. To find new paths and pave new ways. You’re here to break the mold. To innovate. To problem solve in ways many could never see or consider otherwise. You’re here to just BE YOURSELF, no matter who gets uncomfortable. To create and contribute in the ways only you can… big or small.

Stop bending.
Stop folding.
Stop trying to fit.

Don’t be afraid to rock the boat.
The world needs YOU, exactly as you are.
Even if most of them don’t know it yet. 💕

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