You Can’t “Know” Your Way Through It

January 16, 2018

You can’t truly heal if you’re unwilling to be present with the feelings and experiences that are right in front of you. To be in them, fully and completely. The ones that keep showing up and making you uncomfortable. The ones you keep trying to “know” your way around with a false sense of certainty, rather than dropping into them with true vulnerability and curiosity.

I know it’s terrifying to not know.
To not have the answers.
I know it seems safer to always be in control.
(And we ALL try to control in our own ways.)

Sometimes it’s inside the not knowing that the magic begins to happen. Where insights and intuitions begin to surface. Where depth of connection and truth are born. It’s inside the open curiosity that we begin to see things in a new light, discover new ways of being, and start seeing things for what they are and what they’re capable of becoming.

I spent nearly a full year in a state of not knowing. Fully open, fully curious, and in full surrender… all so that things could become clearer, truths could deepen, and everything else could fall away.

You don’t have to know.

Sometimes that actually hinders things.
Stops the natural flow and unfolding.

aYou just have to be present with it all.

Release your grip.
Surrender to the unknown.
And stay open and curious.

Simple, and challenging… I know.


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