You Still Have Purpose

September 25, 2020

You still have a purpose.

Even when life strips away everything known, loved, and familiar. When challenging chapters rob you of the person you used to be. When everything burns to the ground around you. You still have a purpose.

You’re not just an empty shell, even though it feels that way. You’re still here, still existing, still filled with so much to give the people and the world around you.
It’s just that who you’re here to be, and how you’re meant to contribute has changed because you’re on a different path now. Life has and continues to shape you in different ways. And for some, it’s the painful pockets that are needed in other to crack our souls open and our purpose to become apparent in the first place.

Feel your feelings, and focus on your healing, trusting the process. Life is merely shaping you, as it tends to do. And when you’re ready, uncover what your big WHY is now, the thing that motivates you to make the world or the lives of others better. Explore your wildest dreams, even if they’re not what they were before. And let go of anything from before that isn’t supporting you in moving into what comes next.

You will find your footing again.
And you will see that you have so much to give.

Everything happens at the right time.


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