5 Telltale Signs it’s Time to Take a Break

December 31, 2020

Feeling a bit… drained lately?

Before you blame your lack of motivation (or time management skills or creativity) make sure you haven’t exhausted yourself.

It’s that simple: everyone needs to rest properly!

Building your own business from the ground up requires a lot of passion and dedication… but if one thing’s crucial, then it’s learning how to pace yourself, so you don’t burnout.

Here are the five telltale signs it may be time to take a break before you overtire yourself!

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1. Your motivation is gone

I love people who are passionate about finding their purpose and making their dreams come true. However, even the most passionate, dedicated individual needs to rest from time to time.

Don’t stop until you’re proud and other “motivational” quotes are THE one-way street to Burnoutville – not to Success Town.

Chasing after your dreams doesn’t mean you don’t stop until you make your dreams a reality.

It means strategically moving in a way that allows you to reach your destination safe and sound all the while enjoying the journey. It’s the only way to build a solid foundation on which to set up your dream life!

2. You struggle to focus

Let’s just say this loud and clear: it’s impossible to focus when your battery’s running low!

And forget all about hacks (or even worse, supplements!) that swear to help you get your focus back. There are no secrets in that department: to be able to focus, you need rest!

Best way to do just that?

Let yourself sleep. Seriously, turn off alarms and just allow yourself to sleep for as long as you’d like. Do this for a few days and just watch how your focus magically returns!

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3. Your creativity has dried up

Creativity and burnout are *most* definitely polar opposites. It’s just impossible to think of great ideas when you’re tired.

If creativity has departed, it may mean it’s time to slow down, even for a little bit. Prioritize self-care to nurture your creative spirits back to life.

You know, in order to keep your creativity alive and running, you’ll have to learn how to allow yourself to recharge on a regular basis. Whether that means disconnecting from the (digital) world or scheduling days off in advance… you decide!

You know how the saying goes: you can’t pour from an empty cup!

4. You start to procrastinate more

Everyone procrastinates from time to time.

However, if it’s impossible to make yourself work and you’re feeling overwhelmed just by looking at the calendar… then take it as a sign that you need a bit more wiggle room in your schedule, not better time management tips.

Do something to cheer yourself up.

Eat lunch outside – yes, even your outdoor deck counts. Go for a walk. Watch a movie or something. It’s so much easier to beat procrastination when you’re in a good mood!

5. You’re filled with dread every morning

While it’s certainly normal to feel a bit anxious every morning (or every Sunday night), dreading the day ahead is never a good sign.

If you used to greet every day with passion and enthusiasm but that has changed lately, then take a break before anything else. You’re most likely still passionate about whatever it is that you do – you just need a bit of a break!

The thing is, it’s pretty hard to be excited when you’re chronically tired. Deliberately schedule time for rest and watch how your enthusiasm returns!

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How do you cope with burnout?

When do you know you need to take a break?

Leave me a comment and let me know!

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