Someday Never Comes

December 23, 2020

Someday never comes.

So many people think about their dreams as “someday.”

Someday you’ll have the dream home or travel the world. Someday you’ll pay off your debt or start that business. Someday your relationship will improve, or you’ll create a family. Someday you’re going to finish that degree or learn that new skill. Someday you’re going to do your healing work or start reading those books. Someday, someday, someday.

Someday never comes because it’s always “out there.”

It’s easy to feel like you’re going to get around to those someday things because there’s no urgency. There’s no timeframe you’re committed to or excited about. There’s no one holding you accountable for what you say you’re going to do. There’s nothing anchoring you in making it happen, and there’s nothing to do right now because it’s a “later” thing.

You have to decide when someday is and declare that it’s happening. This is what moves you into action and aligns you with what you want because you begin to organize yourself, your life, your beliefs, and your actions around making it happen.

It’s terrifying to put yourself out there and start making change happen, I know.

And yes, you will move forward in fits and starts at the beginning as you bump up against your subconscious stoppers and all your fears or limiting beliefs. But at least you’ll have started. At least you’ll have moved yourself a step closer to what you want.

Anything you desire is possible from where you stand right now, you just have to be willing to do the work. You have to be willing to fail and fall short as you find your footing. You have to be willing to risk believing in yourself, and you have to give your all to making it happen. Otherwise, it will always be a “someday” dream and one you’ll regret not going after sooner when all is said and done.

Lean in.⁣
Take the first step.⁣
Hold yourself accountable.⁣
Do the work.

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