7 Social Media Tips and Tricks for Small Business Owners

July 3, 2019

There’s a lot of buzz around social media marketing nowadays.

Some claim social media is the number one reason for their six-figure businesses – and others have built empires without even having so much as a Facebook page.

So which one is it for social media – worth your time or just another fad marketing trend?!  

As with everything else, the truth is somewhere in between.

Social media can be a powerful tool for getting results quickly – but no one can tell you if social media marketing is right for you and your business. It depends entirely on what you do, who you serve, and what makes the most sense for your unique marketing message!

However, if you do decide to start your own social media strategy, here’s some of my best advice to keep in mind.

1. Find where your target audience is already hanging out.

The worst advice I’ve heard ‘experts’ give is that you need to cover EVERY social media channel right from the start. 

I know what it feels like to feel the need to update your stories on Instagram every hour and tweet twice each day and then pin images every 2.5 hours because that’s what that lady on Facebook said! And omg, there’s posting to Facebook too!!

Just… stop.

There’s a lot of work in social media but it shouldn’t feel that overwhelming. Especially not if you’re doing everything yourself. 

First, find where your target audience is already hanging out and focus all your efforts there. Once you’ve established yourself on one platform, migrate to the next one.

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2. Strategize right from the start.

Don’t waste your time by just posting here and there – be strategic right away!

Plan what you’re going to say, how you’re going to say it, and when you’re going to say it.

My recommendation is to have at least 7-10 posts ready to go right away, no matter the platform.

After the first month, rely on data (check your metrics and analytics) to see what works and what doesn’t – and then tweak your strategy again.

Pro tip: Plan ahead and schedule content in bulk. Social media can be very time consuming, so it’s okay to automate anything that can be automated. At the end of the day, you do have a business to run, don’t you?

3. The right content is going to get you places.

The best way to turn online acquaintances into raving fans is to provide value with your content.

Help your audience solve problems. Give ideas. Offer advice. In short, give them something before asking for something in return.

Don’t try to sell them your idea/product/service right away. Instead, help them see how they can benefit from it – and they’ll ask to buy it themselves.

Pro tip: Focus on quality – not on quantity. It’s better to consistently post 3-4 high-quality posts per week rather than 3 mediocre posts per day that include a CTA to your offering. It’s about building trust. People are quick to notice the difference!

4. Build relationships.

Social media isn’t about you – it’s about your audience. 

The ‘secret’ to successfully establishing your business on social media hides in being… you’ve guessed it, social!  

No matter the platform you use, be active and engage with others. Don’t wait for people to find you – go find them yourself.

You’d be surprised just how many people are ready to support you and your business online once you reach out to them.

Pro tip: Make a list of people you want to connect with — ideal business besties, referral partners, or clients — and make it a point to regularly connect with them. Like their photos, leave genuine comments, and engage!

5. Privacy matters!

Building a personal brand doesn’t mean you have to wave your privacy goodbye.

It’s great to put a face to the name but it doesn’t mean personal and business should always overlap.

Some people prefer to fully focus on the business side of things. Others allow a glimpse of their personal life here and there. You decide what goes online and what stays in the real world. 

If privacy matters to you, make sure to set some healthy boundaries. Trust me, those who love your work won’t mind them one single bit!

That said, the more you share that you’re a real human who has a flawed, normal, messy human life, the better. So find some crossover where it feels comfortable! 

6. Social media is NOT mandatory.

While it’s great if you’re doing social media, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t.

Not everyone feels comfortable there and that’s alright. Do what feels right.

There are hundreds of businesses with outstanding results that don’t have a massive social media presence and vice versa – ‘influencers’ with thousands of followers struggling to convert. YOU decide if social media is the right fit for YOUR business and YOUR personality and go from there.

7. Consistency over everything!

Those people you see with millions of followers online? Yeah, they’ve been doing social media for a while – some of them for years on end!

In the beginning, get ready to talk to yourself, but stay consistent.

As long as you’re posting quality content and engaging with people, your supporters (yes, supporters!) are going to find their way to you!

Pro tip: You have to build ‘trust’ with the algorithms as much as with your audience. The more consistently you post, the more reach and engagement you’ll see. But, be patient. Some platforms can take 60 – 90+ days for you to see the fruits of your labor. Stay with the plan and keep showing up!

What’s your take on social media – yay or nay?

Leave me a comment and let me know – I’d love to hear from you!

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