Change is the Only Constant

July 8, 2019

Change is the only constant.

We know this, yet we resist it with everything we have inside of us. We want things to stay as they are… known and familiar, comfortable and predictable, safe and consistent. Our relationships, our work, every aspect of our lives. Even if we’re unhappy. Even if we know we want or deserve something totally different.

As humans, we’re made for continuous growth. Literally wired for constant evolution and expansion. We’re made to continually step into more. To innovate and disrupt, improving the world around us and the lives of the ones we love.

We can’t do this if we’re not willing to change… because if we’re not willing to change, we’re not willing to GROW.

To me, resisting change is far more painful and takes far more energy than surrendering to the natural unfolding that is living this life. It brings far more heartache than leaning into the constant unraveling of who we believe ourselves to be.

More importantly, clinging to that which we’re afraid to lose is far more damaging to our hearts and our health than feeling the gut-wrenching pain that grief and loss can bring… and with growth and change comes loss, that’s inevitable.

It’s only through death that we can be reborn. It’s only through saying goodbye to what no longer serves us that we’re able to say hello to what is more aligned with who we’re becoming… that we’re able to uncover who we’re here to be and the work we’re here to do. Really, truly.

Seth Godin writes, “We are always becoming, and we can always make the choice to start becoming something else.”

But what are you if you’re not becoming?⁣
You’re stagnent. Stalled. Stuck.

Is that really what you desire for yourself and your life?⁣
If not, how can you lean into the growth and the change?

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