Five Things You Can Do To Become More Resilient

December 14, 2021

Five Things You Can Do To Become More Resilient

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Authority Magazine.

We talked all about what resiliency means to me.

I think resiliency is such an important topic during these ever-changing times we live in, which is why I also want to share this interview here on the blog.

Personally, my goal has never been about resiliency in the sense of “bouncing back” to who we were before challenging chapters and big life transitions. Instead, I think the work is about growing through and beyond and into our next iteration of self, stepping more deeply into our purpose in the process. Life shapes us, and certain experiences alter who we are so deeply that there’s no going back to who we were before. But, I do believe resiliency is important and has its role.

Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties or as having some degree of “toughness.” But I would argue that resilience requires far more softness and surrender. If we’re not open to exploring our internal worlds, doing deeper healing work, or receiving guidance and support, we’re often not able to fully recover from difficulties in life. Instead, the effects layer on each other (and on top of old core wounds, fears, traumas, and limiting beliefs) and keep us playing smaller and smaller.

In this conversation, Savio and I discuss the meaning of resiliency, how courage comes into play, how I’ve cultivated resilience, and five ways you can begin building that muscle for yourself. Plus, so much more. And this is part of an incredible series he’s created, so I’d encourage you to dig into all the other interviews as well.

Click here to start reading my interview now!

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