Change Is Hard and It Takes Choice

June 1, 2017

One of my favorite, most healing humans helped me crack the code around some of my biggest, deepest, oldest blocks this week… and I’ve found myself upside down again in the best of ways. Thrown off a foundation that was never really stable to begin with, and working to find the kind of footing that’s lasting and truly aligned with who I want to become.

Change is hard and it takes CHOICE.

I will never stop telling you that.

Because the choosing has to go on for far longer than we might feel is necessary. The choosing can be confusing and complicated. Sure, sometimes it’s easy… even simple. But it requires repetition. The facing of yourself, your deepest fears, and your most unsupportive beliefs, day in and day out. Over and over and over again.

It takes noticing the thoughts and stories that run on repeat in the background of our minds. And choosing—with intention—to replace them with new thoughts and stories. New beliefs. New ways of being. New ways of relating to yourself, your life, and the people that surround you.

Change is hard and it takes CHOICE.

It’s maddening, really.
But only in the best of ways.

Because the madness and frustration that come with constant choice and change break way to peace, truth, alignment, and connection. It breaks you open to a whole new level of living and loving and showing up in this life.

So, choose it.
This moment and the next.
Today and tomorrow.
And all the days that follow.

Let it break way to what comes next.
Because the only way is through.


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