There’s Room for More

May 30, 2017


I don’t know if we can truly understand what it feels like until we’re fully open and willing… because it’s one of the most confusing and complex experiences we have as humans who are living, loving, and losing in this life.

It’s easier to choose one.
To be mad. Sad. Grateful. Happy.
Not more than one, though.
And certainly not all at once.

To feel immense gratitude and appreciation for all you’ve been through… at the exact same time your heart breaks even further for what had to be lost. To be happier and more aligned than you’ve ever experienced… and to feel so deeply frustrated and confused by what comes next. To be angry and hurt at the core of your being… and to feel so much love and compassion for the ones that cut you down.

There’s room for more.

For all the feelings and emotions.
For all the contradicting experiences.
For all the beliefs and perspectives.
For all the confusion and understanding.

When we allow ourselves to be a walking contradiction—a mess of emotions that don’t seem like they should go together—we expand our capacity to feel and grow and connect. We immerse ourselves in the rich, ever changing, beautiful disaster that is life. We feel more fully, love more fiercely, and connect more deeply.

Let it be and feel it all.


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