Come as You Are

May 25, 2017

Come as you are.
Don’t bend or fold or try to fit.
Stop trying to impress or find approval.
Let go of the worry around what “they” think.
Stop plastering over what’s real with polished positivity.

Maybe your mom will be disappointed.
Maybe your brother will be angry.
Maybe your colleagues will judge you.
Maybe your friend will stop being a friend.
Maybe your next date will be turned off.
Maybe your mentor will disapprove.

Show up anyways.

Completely as you are.

Tell your stories and share your truths. Be honest about what hurts and what’s hard. Tell people how you really feel, rather than being “fine” for one more day. Be opinionated about what matters. Ask for what you want and need. Stop apologizing so much. Own your mistakes. Embrace your failures. Teach from your experiences. Share from your heart. Create from deep within your soul. Be raw and real whether it’s convenient or not.

No more filters.
No more polished words.
No more playing small out of fear.

Speak your truth.
The world needs it.


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