Emotions Are Healthy And Wise

November 20, 2020

You can’t get rid of sadness.
You can’t get rid of hurt.
You can’t get rid of fear.

Your emotions are there to be acknowledged and felt, not tucked away or glossed over with polished positivity. They’re there to be felt and processed, released from the body in healthy and productive ways.

It’s confusing and hard when it seems like the world’s telling you those are “bad” and “negative” emotions. Why would you want to feel them? How would you ever know it’s healthy, normal, and necessary?

Yes, they may feel unpleasant.
Yes, they’re contractive and challenging.
But they’re not “bad” or “negative.”

They’re just emotions… healthy and wise ones at that.

The problem with contractive emotions is that the more you suppress them, the stronger they become. The more you bury them, the louder they’ll be when they make themselves known again through sickness, pain, anxiety, or the like.

The only way to “get rid of them” is to feel them fully. To embrace them for what they are: energy in motion. So, be brave and let yourself get uncomfortable for a moment or two. Let all of your emotions flow freely throughout your body, processing and expressing them in healthy ways.

And once you do, you’ll see how quickly they can pass—as well as how rich the expansive emotions begin to feel in the aftermath.


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