From Discipline to Devotion

January 11, 2018

Every year since 2012 I’ve chosen a guiding word, rather than making a long list of resolutions.

Even though I still set goals, there’s always a theme that emerges in the final days and weeks of each year, setting the tone for the coming 12 months. I don’t always know what it will look like, and I definitely never expect the kind of magic (and mayhem) that unfolds because of it.

Last year I chose the word discipline.

I knew that being more disciplined was a necessary step to creating what I wanted to create, including more freedom… yet, the whole year was just an endless reminder of how much discipline was needed, and much I lacked. In the spirit of pausing and surrendering, I really didn’t worry about it. I didn’t feel bad that I wasn’t actually becoming more disciplined.

I can see now that it was meant to be a year of noticing, not doing.

And inside all that noticing I gathered heaps of information and insights that allow me to step into my word for 2018:


I laughed when the word surfaced. “Devotion, really? You need discipline to be devoted and I definitely haven’t mastered that yet!”

But after observing myself for the last year, I understand that it’s so much bigger than simply having more discipline in the day to day details. Those things are important… and I’ll be heavily focused on my health, finances, and business in ways that require day to day discipline, systems, and organization.

But that’s not the whole picture.

Devotion to me means enthusiastically, wholeheartedly, bravely, and boldly committing myself to stepping into a whole new way of living, loving, and creating in this life. It means being more disciplined in the actions I take, as well as in who I am BEING in every moment, relationship, and experience. It means laying my life down in service of something greater than myself and fully aligning all parts of my life and my work with my vision.

Devotion, to me, is discipline on steroids. It considers the action alongside the energy and intention. The overall way of being and showing up, not just the doing. All parts, all pieces, all aspects operating in full alignment.

I’ve wanted to “level up” in all areas of my life and work for years. I’ve wanted to create so many different things. And this is the year I want to put all my lessons into committed, devoted, disciplined practice to show myself—and everyone journeying alongside me—how powerful we truly are. How capable we ALL are of bringing our biggest, boldest visions to life.


I’m excited… and terrified because every year and every word has brought a mess of opportunities to grow. And some of those opportunities were the most gut-wrenching lessons of my life. Such is the nature of living this life.

Are you ready for this year?

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