Let Go of the Hands That Held You

January 9, 2018

I’ve been reminded, yet again, that sometimes we have to be willing to walk into the unknown alone.

To let go of the hands that held us, knowing they may or may not be there when we make it through to the other side. Sometimes we have to be willing to risk all that’s known and familiar—to walk straight into the belly of uncertainty and the heart of fear—all so that we can become who we’re here to be. So we can step into what comes next.

It never gets easier.

Risking losing the ones you love.
Risking ending up alone when all is said and done.
Risking everything safe and familiar.

But, in my experience, everything ends up exactly as it’s meant to (which is neither easy, nor without heartache). Sometimes people fall away and sometimes people stay and grow with you. Sometimes you do find yourself alone, but it’s always temporary, because new, aligned relationships begin to form. And sometimes the people you left behind come back when you’re both ready.

It takes trust and faith and a hell of a lot of surrender to the unknown… because there’s no way to know anything for certain. There’s no way to know how it will all turn out. And there’s no way to make it make sense to the people who will fight to keep things as they are. The ones who need you to stay right where you are for their own sense of security and comfort.

But the work is to keep facing forward.

To keep choosing what you desire.
To keep stepping into that new way of being.
And sometimes that means facing away.
Facing towards yourself, your healing, your path.

Trust and faith, friends. 
I never said it would be easy.


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