The Work I’ve Been Doing for the Last Year

January 5, 2018

I want to tell you about the work I’ve been doing for the last… year or more?

Work around finding healing and wholeness after my last two relationships (after all of them, really). Coming home to myself, my truth, my center. Reclaiming my voice and learning how to take up more space. Finding integration and balance where I’ve been massively fragmented and confused. Learning to feel safe inside an experience that has previously felt like anything but.

I want to tell you about how hard it’s been to work with the parts of me that became separated over the years… what a struggle it’s been to honor them in all their differences, merge them together, and make sense of how to operate in my life, work, and relationships from this new, tender space.

I don’t know how to tell these stories or share these lessons yet. Not when I’ve kept this part of my life and healing so close to my heart for so long.

But I will, soon.

Because just like every other journey I’ve walked in the last few years, it’s come back to choice (and you know I love talking about choice).

Choosing to do the work.
Choosing to push my edges.
Choosing to ask for help.
Choosing to show up differently.
Choosing to trust myself above all else.
Choosing to face the parts that hurt.
Choosing to heal and find wholeness.
Choosing to let go and forgive.
Choosing to own my roles.
Choosing to let go of my patterns.
Choosing to step into new ways of being.
Choosing to face the fears.

I am SO ready to finish writing this next book of mine… because life, love, and loss gave me so many opportunities to learn these lessons and grow because of them.

So. Many. Opportunities.
In all areas of my life and work.

(I mean, I think I could write five books after everything, but I’ll start with #TheUnravelBookfirst…)

Choice, friends.
Choice is everything.
Choice gives us back our power.
Choice allows us to create what we desire.
Choice is how we rise up and come back.


Every moment of every day.


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