Grieving Through the Holidays

December 25, 2019

A gentle reminder that for some people, the holidays are NOT the most wonderful time of the year.

For some, the holidays are a time when they’re reminded of every empty chair at the dinner table… every missing laugh… every heartbreaking moment from the past.

Things that seem pretty random for you… glazing Christmas cookies or doing Secret Santa… may trigger the ghost of Christmas past for someone else.

So please, please, please be considerate enough not to push the holiday spirit onto everyone, especially if that person is grieving or they’ve experienced a challenging year.

Be there for them.Respect their feelings.Choose thoughtful gifts. Say the name of the person they lost.Ask them how they’re feeling, not just if they’re okay.

And if they want to skip the holidays this year, support them in their decision without judging them.

Trust me, it’s the very best present you can give. 

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