How Introverts Can Become Successful Entrepreneurs

November 26, 2020

Are you an introvert? 

If you are, then all of that business talk is probably enough to make you shudder: networking and speaking events and sales pitching and… brrrrr! 

However, introverts can become successful entrepreneurs too. 

Yes, even if you don’t enjoy being in the spotlight or talking about yourself. 

Over the years, I’ve worked with my fair share of introverts… and I am one myself! 

Here’s my best advice on how you can get the most of your personality and succeed in building your dream business! 

Accept your strengths

Over the last decade, there’s this image that entrepreneurs need to be big and loud and boisterous to get noticed. 

If you ask me, that couldn’t be further from the truth! 

Every personality comes with its advantages. And to truly shine, no matter what you do, find and focus on yours. Instead of putting your focus on your weaknesses, emphasize your strengths! 

Let’s say, perhaps talking to dozens of people daily is draining for you. However, on the other hand, you may be a bit more intuitive than most people – so focus on that! 

Here’s where introverts can shine while doing business

  • They’re capable of building deep, meaningful connections that clients and customers love
  • They’re highly intuitive and can easily hear their gut 
  • They take slow, deliberate action that usually guarantees a good outcome! 
  • They don’t mind taking the backseat and letting the customer be the hero of the story! 
  • They can even build a business idea about being an introvert – there are sure people out there who need it! 

When you look at it that way, it doesn’t sound that bad, does it? 😉 

Energize from your purpose 

Even the most bashful introverts love talking about things that set their soul on fire. 

Whenever there’s the dilemma that you won’t have anything to say – or whether what you’ll say is good enough – focus on why you’re doing what you’re doing. 

Put your energy in spreading your light with the world, in your own way. Not worrying whether you’re loud enough. And believe me, when someone’s passionate about what they’re talking about, everyone listens! 

Pro tip: Hate small talk? No need for it – just get to the point! You’d be surprised how many people would cheer you for it! 

Adopt a business persona (aka, an alter ego) 

Okay, so let’s make something clear: I’m not saying you should pretend to be someone you’re not. You’re already amazing, just the way you are! 

However, on the days you need a quick boost to your stamina, here’s a trick I’ve learned: develop an alter ego that takes the workload you hate. 

Let’s say, maybe the real you hates public speaking… but your alter ego (that happens to wake up every time you wear red lipstick on ;-)) can pretty confidently sway the crowds. 

Something like Clark Kent does – and it’s worked out for him quite nicely, right? 

Make the most of the world we live in…

…go digital! 

Seriously, there’s no better time to be an introverted entrepreneur than today! 

Digitalize as many aspects of your business as you possibly can – all the way from lead generation to the products and services you’re selling, to the way you talk to your community. 

You can do all of it without even leaving your home! 

From what I’ve seen so far, introverts love being their own boss – you can do all the heavy work without feeling drained by constant interactions! 

Are you an introvert who jumped into the world of extroverted entrepreneurs? 

Leave me a comment and let me know, I’d love to hear more from you!

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