This Evolution is an Inside-Out Approach

September 19, 2022

Standing between no longer and not yet on so many things that sometimes I feel like I’m suspended in time.

So much is changing so rapidly (and has already shifted dramatically), yet so much looks the same.

Because this evolution has always been an inside-out approach.

Since last year, I’ve been consciously and intentionally weeding the garden, tilling the soil, and planting new seeds. Nurturing and nourishing every little blossom as they crop up. Learning and growing and following the lead of an ever-expanding vision as it slowly reveals itself to me with each step forward.

I’ve always documented and shared.

(I’m still documenting, I’m just not sharing.)

But I’ve consciously chosen to hold so much of this journey close to my heart, not even revealing aspects to my near and dear. Trusting in the unfolding and establishing strength and steadiness inside myself first. Giving everything I have to understanding what it means to me to be fully aligned and expressed. Healing, clearing, and processing through anything standing in the way.

It’s for me.

(Because I’m here, and I matter, too.)

And it’s for the world.

(Because my work has always been about living my lessons out loud to help others on their own path to living a purposeful life.)

It’s the most beautiful and humbling thing I’ve ever done. The best gift I’ve ever given myself and my business, and the most transformational season of my entire life.

And now…

Now the outside will begin shifting to match the internal transformations in more ways than one.

Now the focus is on creation and building and stepping fully into new embodiments and external experiences.

Now it’s time to be an active participant in reconfiguring the world around me.

I’ve been patiently waiting for the green light to move on so many things.

And I’m so, so ready.

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