Death and Rebirth, Slowly and With Intention

September 20, 2022

Death and rebirth, but slowly and with full intention.

That’s my jam these days.

It used to be sudden and intense, feeling entirely out of my hands and gutting, to say the least. Or it was intentional but wildly chaotic, heavy on the processing and challenging to trudge through.

It’s a good place to be.

And while I’m thrilled to be in a chapter of lightness, intention, and far more ease, I’m also grateful for every dark night of the soul. Every rock bottom and season of stagnation became fertile ground for beautiful rebirths. They tipped me over and poured me out, creating the necessary space to navigate my way above and beyond what I ever believed possible at the start of this journey.

Dig into the work, friends.

More deeply than you’ve ever gone before.

Somatically—not just intellectually—so that you can truly be free of everything that holds you back from creating what you desire. So that you have immense leverage to start creating different outcomes.

If you need support, reach out.

And if you just want some loving guidance to hold your hand you along the way, grab my book: Awesome Life Tips® for the Dark Night of the Soul. It’s a collection of love letters to anyone in the depths of death and rebirth.

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