Things Move When They’re Ready

September 21, 2022

Things move when they’re ready, not necessarily on our preferred timeline.

We can accelerate the process.

We can heal and clear what’s been stored to the best of our ability and see improvements as we do.

We can use all the powerful modalities and work with the most incredible healers.

And still, things move when they’re ready.

I healed a deep, old root of my dysphagia a couple of weeks ago. I’d worked on this so frequently and intentionally that before my last session, I thought, “I don’t even know what to focus on; this probably won’t do much of anything.”

But the second we began, I burst into tears. Everything that had kept my throat locked down for far too long came bubbling to the surface, clear as day. The fear, doubt, distrust, and deep trauma were ready to move and release, and that’s exactly what they did. Poof… gone! Just like that.

Except not “just like that” because it was simply another step (possibly the final step!) in an ongoing process to heal my body after trauma and abuse.

Some things take time.

Some things require deeper understanding.

Some things only surface when we’ve moved through the many other layers first.

Some things require a new reason and agreement.

Whatever the case, healing is always possible when we’re willing to show up and do the deeper processing work continually. When we commit wholeheartedly and don’t stop just because it’s challenging or uncertain. When we stay the course even when nothing seems to be happening.

Keep going, friends.

Things are moving and healing even when you don’t see the results you want yet.

And healing is always, always possible.

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