It Doesn’t Feel Good Sometimes…

September 28, 2017

It doesn’t feel good sometimes… change, growth, healing.

Doing the work of coming home to yourself and facing your traumas and creating what you desire is hard, soul stretching work. It forces you to push your edges further and further, so you can heal and clear and grow and change.

Pushing our edges doesn’t feel good, because we’re bumping up against what’s hard and what hurts, all so we can take a tiny step forward. All so we can reclaim the parts of ourselves that we lost, while also defining a new normal as the baseline for what comes next.

I’m good right now.
So good in ways I haven’t been in awhile.

But I don’t always feel good… because I’m doing the deep work and pushing my edges and facing what’s hard and what hurts. So I can heal fully, let go of the past fully, and move forward with more grace and ease.

The not feeling good?
To be expected.
Part of the process.

When we make big changes it doesn’t always feel good… sometimes for awhile. But that’s just what change feels like. Literally. Actually. Physically. Learning new ways of being, rewiring patterns and beliefs, pushing new edges, creating new habits… it doesn’t always feel good, but it’s just what your cells feel like as they change. Your heart. Your brain. Your soul.

Trust the process.
Stay the course.


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