My Heart Has Been Through A Lot

August 7, 2018

There are varying definitions for the word metanoia, but I like this one best: “a transformative change of heart; a profound, usually spiritual, transformation.”

My heart has been through a lot in the last several years… more than I ever thought it could handle. I’ve learned so much about life, love, and loss… so much more than I ever wanted to know. But I’m grateful for all of it. For all the ways my heart and I have been profoundly transformed. In that deep, gut-wrenching, holy-hell-it-hurts-and-inspires-and-cracks-me-wide-o pen kind of way. The kind of way that brings you home to yourself and your purpose with astounding clarity.

I’ve learned—and am continuing to learn right this very moment—how to stand on my own two feet in ways I never thought I’d have to, as well as in ways I’ve always deeply craved.

Life is a mess of duality that never stops. Learning to lean in despite the debilitating fear is a skill I’m continuing to cultivate for myself around living the life I’m here to live, loving in all the ways I desire to love, and creating all the things I’m here to create.

I don’t know how to do this next part, yet I keep showing up and leaning into it anyways. Because the only way we move forward is by taking one step at a time in the direction we want to go. Simple, not easy.

As I always say, possibility is not a promise, it’s a call to action. What next step will you take to continue moving in the direction you want to go? I took three big ones this morning.

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