Nobody Gets to Take Credit for Your Healing

August 3, 2019

Nobody gets to take credit for your healing and growth.

Nobody gets to take credit for who you become in the aftermath of life’s most challenging chapters or heartbreaking seasons.

Nobody gets to take credit for what you create when you turn your pain into purpose, not even coaches, healers, or guides.

It’s to no one else’s credit that you clawed your way back from a darkness that threatened to consume you. That you picked up the shattered pieces of yourself and started carrying them forward into something new, something different, something better. It’s to no one else’s credit that you’ve gone on to do bigger things, that the painful pockets were the catalyst for more purpose and contribution.

Nobody, especially not the people that hurt or abused you.

Once upon a time I was in a relationship with someone who liked to take credit for the things I wrote. He would do or say something incredibly hurtful, and after I worked through that hurt and heartache to mend, I would write about what I learned from the experience and share it with others. And on those days I’d hit publish, he’d come home so incredibly proud of being the one to inspire others, completely missing the hurt and pain he’d caused in the process.

I’ve also had friends and coaches try to take credit for what I’ve created, because they were a part of my journey, my process, my learning and growth. And while I’m a huge advocate for naming and thanking the people who helps us on these paths we walk (because no one truly does anything alone), I do not believe that means they get to take credit for what we create or who we become. I’m proud of the clients and members I’ve served over the years, and while I know my work has had impact and influence, I don’t believe what they go on to create is ever to my credit.

YOU are the one who walked through the fire.
YOU are the one who did the work to heal and grow.
YOU are the one who made the choice to seek out support.
YOU are the one who was willing to show up and dig in deeper.
YOU are the one who created what you created.

YOU and no one else.

Give thanks and appreciation where it’s due, but never let anyone take away your power or your ownership over the life and work you’ve created and will continue to create. That was all you.

Watch this video and take a moment to CELEBRATE how far you’ve come below. I want to hear what YOU have achieved, how far YOU’VE come… even if you’re still deep in the darkness.

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