Pain Exists for a Reason

June 29, 2017

Here’s the thing about what hurts in this life… it’s beautiful. It’s what teaches us to be wiser and smarter and more discerning. It’s what shows us who we really are and who’s meant to walk beside us. It’s how we connect with the ones with love, and how we’re shaped into the person we’re here to be.

Pain exists for a reason, we need it to guide us.

To show us where to go and where not to go. To tell us that this isn’t the right relationship, or that our job is actually killing us. To let us know when things aren’t working how they’re supposed to, so we can actually work towards creating true joy and fulfillment. So that we can begin living a life that’s fully aligned with the truth of who we are.

I know it hurts to be open and present in a world that can be so tragic and hard. I know what it feels like to face pain that’s been tucked away for years… how it makes you sick to your stomach and uneasy in ways you can’t describe. I know how deeply loss can shatter us, and how challenging it feels to rebuild in the aftermath. I know some days leave us feeling so broken that the best we can do is get out of bed.

But I also know that when you open and face the pain—when you choose to connect and show up as fully and presently as possible—that’s when amazing things start to happen. When you meet the people you’re meant to know and love and walk through life with. When you find the work that lights your soul on fire. When you begin to heal. And when you learn that “joy” isn’t just an annoying word you don’t understand, but a way of being in the world… a way of experiencing everything, even the hard stuff.

It’s easy to numb out, shut down, and turn away.
I get that… and I did it for many years.

But try to stay here… even when it’s hard.
To be present and feel it all fully.
To open your heart even further.
To trust in love and connection more than ever before
To get back up, time and time again.

One day, one step, once choice at a time.


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