When We Feel the Most Stuck and Frustrated

June 27, 2017

We’re deep in the throes of becoming who we’re here to be when we feel the most stuck and frustrated and stalled out. When we feel like we’re making the least progress, or like we’re just slipping backwards time and time again.

We are closest to the divine when we’re our most broken and beaten down. Millimeters from truth and source and purpose. When we feel the most lost and hopeless, we are so incredibly close to the insight and inspiration we need to pick ourselves back up.

But I won’t deny that these are the hardest and most frustrating times. The most challenging and exhausting. I won’t pretend I haven’t been here, many times, ready to give up entirely.

“I sometimes wonder if the point of things getting this shitty is to actually test the depth of conviction in what’s important,” my good friend wrote to me one night. And while my response to that is “absolutely,” I think that’s only half the conversation.

It’s also about us being turned upside down and inside out so that all which no longer fits or resonates or serves us can fall away. The people, stories, ways of being, obligations, attachments… it’s about making space for what’s to come, as well as breaking us down to our core so we can connect with what’s true. So we can start the real work of becoming who we’re here to be in this life. Serving in the way only we can serve.

“So be encouraged. The agony you are experiencing is normal. The loneliness you feel is to be expected. The sleepless nights when you share up at the ceiling and think, ‘what have I gotten myself into?’ are part of the process.” Andy Stanley


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