The Threads of Purpose Are Always Present

December 1, 2020

The threads of our purpose and callings are always present in us, from as far back as we can remember.

When I was younger, all I did was write. Between my regular journaling, angsty teenage poetry, and the random essays I’d carefully craft (well before blogging), words were an enormous part of my life.

But I didn’t believe I was a writer.

“One day,” I’d say. “One day, I’ll be a writer.”

In my mid 20’s, after years of keeping an anonymous blog and continuing to write endlessly, a website reached out to me and asked me to write for them. I made $25 per article, and that’s what finally made it official. I was a writer, and a paid professional at that!

I’m 36 now, and today I pre-launched our second Awesome Life Tips book to our email list and Call of the Void® Facebook group (click to join and get the link!) It’s my third book, and one I’m so very proud and excited to share. I write an insane amount of words every year. Between books (my second memoir is in progress!), blog posts, social media, programs, workbooks, client copy, email coaching, and the journals I still keep… it’s somewhere in the millions, truly.

The threads of our purpose and callings are always present in us. How we utilize and express them changes as we age, dependent on the times we live in, the experiences we walk through, and the things we value most.

Life isn’t about finding or creating ourselves. It’s about remembering who we’ve always been at our core. Stripping away the layers of fear, limiting beliefs, and outdated programming, and letting go of the person we became to “fit in” and make others more comfortable.

We always know who we’re here to be. And goodness does it feel amazing to live in alignment with the truth of who we are. Fully aligned and fully expressed. Contributing in the way that only we can.

What’s the thread that’s always been there for you? And what do you need to clear away so you can fully embrace it?


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