Trauma Can Be Sneaky

September 18, 2020

The trauma that hurts you isn’t always… traumatic. Meaning, not all trauma comes in the shape of grief, pain, abuse, heartache, or tears. It’s not always abrupt, shocking, and disorienting. Sometimes it’s embedded in a seemingly sweet family system or a “fairly typical” upbringing and life.

We’re only just beginning to understand and talk about trauma, and it’s many sources. So if you find yourself having traumatic responses—such as dissociation, freeze, terror, panic, anxiety, and the like—but can’t find the reason why… you may be living with the effects of “nicely-wrapped” trauma.

Feeling confused, spun out, or speechless.
Struggling with your memory, both past and present.
People pleasing, hyper-vigilance, fear of getting things wrong.
Intense “overreactions” to everyday things.
Fear of certain people, places, sounds, or experiences.
Your mind going blank or an inability to focus on certain things.
Panic attacks, anxiety, and depression.
Endless exhaustion and fatigue.

These are all trauma responses, along with many other symptoms that seem normal to ordinary life. Because the truth is, many people live with unresolved grief and trauma, and it doesn’t just go away. It manifests in other ways.

Being human means we have trauma. And to live our lives fully expressed and fully aligned, we have to dig in and do the work to heal.

It starts with the acknowledgment that maybe what you’re feeling and experiencing isn’t “right” or “normal” after all. That perhaps it has roots in something that needs to be healed.


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